Concept iPad App

Spa & Membership Management Software

The Concept Mobile application brings features that reduce operating costs and improve customer service:

Following are some of the main features:  

  • Customer Mode: Clients can enter their profile information which is automatically synchronized with Concept.
  • Digital Signature: Clients can sign profile cards, health questionnaires and treatment card.
  • Check In: Check in clients via iPad with reservation lookup and check in.
  • Confirm Reservations.
  • View Reservations and Activities of the day.
  • Daily Spa & Leisure Sales KPI’s for Management
Concept Spa & Membership iPad

The Concept iPad app for Spa and Membership businesses, implements intuitive & simple solutions. The app will enable your business to stay ahead of the competition, adding a considerable desired value to your brand and business. The application  is aimed to improve a client´s guest experience whilst also ensuring your workflow enhancement.

Roman Horwarth / Director of Sales & Marketing

Manage User Preferences for your Business

The concept iPad app, allows clients to easily view, create, edit or modify profile preferences – with a user-friendly way to upload and edit profile photos as well as a simplified process to update important profile contact details and addresses.


Appointment Management
for your Spa & Membership

The management and full access to appointment lists is also available. The app allows a clients to view appointment details quickly and efficiently, whilst the ability to update appointment status’ (managing the status from reserved, confirmed and checked-in). Your guests may also enjoy the same level of intuitive control,  giving them access to update their own personal information & preferences, enhancing their own experience.

The Concept Spa & Membership iPad App is the perfect tool to create easy access and management for not only your clients but also for your guests – It is simple, intuitive and efficient. Exactly as an iPad was designed to be.

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