Golf & Spa Interfaces

Golf and Spa Management Software
Throughout the years, Concept Software Systems has developed multiple integrations with Golf and Spa management software in the Hospitality industry. Through these integrations CSS enables its customers to integrate information management modules with other programs such as financial, hotel management, point of sale, access control, and so on.
Additionally, Concept Software has been an ORACLE Hospitality partner for over 10 years and as a result of this union, Concept and Opera/Micros have developed multiple integrations between their products. Concept continues to develop solutions and improve existing interfaces with MICROS software to meet market needs.

Main integrations are developed with:

  • Hotel Property Management Systems
  • Point of Sale Management Systems
  • Credit Card and Payment Gateway Systems
  • Accounts Systems
  • Gift Cards and Members Systems
  • Golf Tour Operators

Video Demostrations

Opera PMS Posting Interface

Concept to Opera PMS Posting Interface video.

PMS Profile Sharing

Concept to Opera PMS Profile Sharing Interface video.

Concept Reservations Interface

Opera PMS to Concept Reservations Interface – User Interface video.