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Concept Software for improved Golf Club Management

The Concept Golf Club Management software provides a total integrated solution for all golf courses and resorts.

This product has been designed with flexibility and hence can be configured dependent on a golf course’s requirements, ranging from 72-hole pay and play resorts to 18-hole members’ courses. With more than 150 reports, this product is essential to the management of any golf course & golf club. The following outlines the functionalities available.

The main functionalities for the Concept Golf Management include:

  • Unlimited number of golf courses managed in one system.
  • User rights controlled by Concept User Access Module – controls access and view rights plus permissions.
  • Golf course scheduling and time blocking for your club.
  • Allocate a ‘Special’ set up, whereby the tee-sheet is broken down into three periods (morning, lunch and afternoon) and special rules can be allocated to those times. For example, 4 balls only off tee 1 in the morning, 2 balls off tee 10, then 2 balls off tee 1 at lunch, etc.
  • Tee-time blocking – maintenance, tournaments etc.
  • Slot control and tee-time restrictions by player-type (i.e. members only times, hotel times, etc.)
  • Restrict the number of days in advance a tee-time can be booked (i.e. same day reservations only or weekend times can only be booked 7 days in advance.
  • Color-coding by reservation status.
  • Multiple booking controls over different courses for more efficient Golf Club Management.
  • Define first & last tee-time for the day by course (configurable by date range).
  • Define intervals between each tee-time and turn-around times per 9 holes.
  • Automatic time configuration changes by date.
  • See up to 3 courses’ daily availability on one screen.
  • Course utilization snapshot report for each day and 7-day overview of reservations.
  • 7-day graphical layout of reservation status.
The Concept Golf Software  will improve the management of your Club & our professional advice and assessment will help unlock the true potential of your business , revealing new opportunities to increase your Business Revenue.

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