Golf & Spa Business Intelligence

Take advantage of your leisure divisions
Hotel Leisure Solution is a Business Intelligence designed to analyze the management of Sport Centers, Golf Courses, Wellness Centers and Spas, Restaurants, Social Clubs and other entertainment centers that may be linked to a Resort or Hotel.

Through this module it will be possible to integrate golf and spa data with information regarding customers´ consumption in the Resort or Hotels´ different revenue centers.

Leisure Business Intelligence is on its own a complete solution that enables the comprehensive management of any entertainment company. Additionally, this module has been extensively developed for Concept Golf and Spa software, from which, this module is part of the suite of products under the name Concept Software System Business Intelligence (CSS BI).

This module allows the user to manage the Business Intelligence, locally or centrally for a group of companies. It allows for a quick and flexible analysis of information throughout different companies using CSS Spa and Golf software.

This document includes a vision of what the Business Intelligence Leisure module offers through its integration with the specialized Golf and Spa management software, Concept Software Systems.

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