Hotel Dashboard Overview

Hospitality Business Intelligence Software

What is the Hotel Dashboard?

The Hotel Dashboard is a Business Intelligence development that offers Hotel Management a predefined vision of their business and KPIs. The Hotel Business Intelligence is based on connectors with different applications such as PMS, POS, S&C, Finance, HR, etc., from Hotel Management software like Opera, MICROS, Delphi, Protel, SIHOT, Scala, Talentia, Concept Software System, Sage, SunSystems or SAP. These products can be integrated via the Hospitality Business Intelligence.

The Hotel Dashboard is the starting point for any Hospitality Business Intelligence project, as it enables the Hotel Management to analyze their business operations and define new phases to include data sources from other hotel management tools or applications.

Click on  above image for Mastel Dashboard video presentation.

The Hotel Dashboard will allow you to:

  • Centralize local or corporate data.
  • Centralize Multi-Language, Multi-Currency and Multi-Property data.
  • Access to the information according to the user’s rights (levels).
  • Automatically distribute reports and documentation according to scheduled jobs.
  • Access your corporate information from anywhere.

You will be able to develop your “own” Hotel Dashboard in short time loading information from your hotel management applications.

The Hotel Business Intelligence offers different modules that will enable you to reduce the implementation time. These modules will be the starting point for your own Business Intelligence.


Dashboard Solutions for Hospitality Business Intelligence

The Hotel Business Intelligence enables you to set up the scope of your project through the different modules available. You can tailor the development of all and each one of the KPIs that you want and integrate ALL the technological platforms of your Enterprise or group.  

In addition, the Hotel Business Intelligence will allow you to automatically distribute information in different formats; MSWord, Excel, PPT or HTML, via email, network folders, FTP server or publish on your corporate web page.

Furthermore, you can access your Hotel Dashboard through mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android).


Hotel Dashboard PDF

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