Hotel Financial Business Intelligence

Real time data through Financial Analysis
Hotel Financial Solution is a Business Intelligence tool that enables to conduct a detailed analysis of the company´s accounting information included within all the Hotel Business Intelligence modules. Through this platform a complete Financial Business Intelligence can be installed in a few days.

With QlikView, and its Data Discovery technology, it is quick and easy to obtain a Balance Sheet, P&L analysis and key financial ratios. Furthermore, the “What If” functionality enables users to simulate the different scenarios resulting when modifying different financial ratios.

Besides the Spanish Chart of Account System, the Hotel Financial Business Intelligence Solution includes the adaptation to COA “Uniform Systems of Accounts for the lodging industry” in order to adjust to the needs and requirements of the International Hotel Industry.
Additional Financial management software can also be incorporated as per customer request. The Business Intelligence Financial Module can be connected to the main financial management software in the International Hospitality market, among which; Oracle Financials, SAP Financials, Navision, Scala, Infor SunSystems, Sage, Dimoni, etc.

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