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Integrating Hotel Reports
One of the main requirements of the Hospitality market is the ability to distribute and integrate Hotel reports automatically. In order to do this, Mastel Team offers a new management module that integrates with the Hotel Business Intelligence modules.

Reporting Distribution Module called Qlik NPrinting is included as an integrated management software within the Hotel Business Intelligence Suite, that allows for the distribution of existing reports and the design of customized reports out of Qlik data fast and easily.

Until now, many customers of the Hotel Business Intelligence, have been manually managing the distribution or integration of information from different data sources. With this Reporting Distribution Module, NPrinting, all these options can be automated through conditional rules and generate a series of reports to be distributed automatically via email or to be saved into folders or FTP corporate folders. Furthermore, these reports can be opened and saved in different formats: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML.

Available functionalities are:

View Reports

View Excel reports from Hotel Business Intelligence module

Create formatted Professional Excel reports

Create structured Excel reports with data from your Hotel Dashboard docs. Use Excel charts, Pivot tables, formulas, formatting, automation and all Excel features.

Distribute reports to your recipients

Send your Hotel Dashboard reports and any other document to pre-defined recipients via email or by saving them to recipient-specific directories. Use cycles and filters to send everyone the information they should see. Choose to generate reports in .pdf, .png or .jpg formats if you need static copies or in Excel so that your users can continue to analyze the data.

Automate and Schedule repetitive tasks:

Simplify your life by automating your tasks using schedules and jobs out of the box without having to write a line of code or macros. Let the Reporting Distribution Module deliver your reports automatically while you focus on more interesting work

Run in Service Mode

Let the Reporting Distribution Module service do the heavy lifting in the most secure environment. Guarantee uptime for your reporting program.

  • It is a windows service which means no user has to be logged onto the machine for schedules to run. If the machine is re-booted, the service will automatically start up again.
  • Does not require you to run the Reporting Distribution Module app or execute it via command line to run a schedule.

Additionally, Hotel Business Intelligence includes other functionalities:

  • Simplify recipient Management: Import your recipients from databases, LDAP directories and files.
  • Schedule and automatically load new and modified recipients. Automatically associate filters and distribution groups with recipients during import.
  • Secure reporting: Encrypt your reports using OpenPGP: only authorized recipients will be able to open reports.
  • FTP Integration.
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