About Mastel Hospitality

Mastel Hospitality has been established and evolving since 2006, always intended to convey the concept of “customer service optimization” within all business areas in which it has introduced its services.

Our main services and solutions include Hospitality Consulting & IT Services as well as Business Intelligence for the Hospitality Industry.


Hospitality Consulting

Mastel Hospitality Consulting was founded in 2006, a technological consulting firm linked to the International Hospitality market. Mastel aims to provide customers with the added value of its operational and technological knowledge and expertise within the Hospitality Industry, improving information quality as well as organizational working processes and procedures to facilitate decision-making.

With over 10 years of experience, Mastel has worked hard to become part of some of the most prestigious Hotel Groups and has positioned itself as a specialized Hospitality Consultancy firm within the national and international Hotel Industry.

Mastel Business Intelligence

In mid-2011, the interest in developing a new business line dedicated to Business Intelligence arises, opening up new possibilities for the company to work with other business areas with which synergy existed.

Mastel Business Intelligence emerged with the aim of offering exclusive Qlik services to a range of different business sectors, including the Hotel sector that faces highly complex processes for data consolidation, due to the diversity of management systems in use by each establishment.

Mastel Business Intelligence develops BI products for Hotels, Golf and Spa that are currently marketed worldwide and installed in some of the most prestigious international Hotel Chains and Resorts. Additionally, it addresses other projects in different business sectors that are giving Mastel professional recognition in the field of Business Intelligence.

FreedomPay - Payment Solutions

Since 2019, Mastel Hospitality has partnered with FreedomPay, a technology leader in the Payment industry. Offering complete payment integration for Hotels and Resorts. FreedomPay takes care of the IT in payments allowing you to focus on customer service. 

FreedomPay gives you the power to centralise payments across multiple solutions such as PMS and POS merging controls in to a single online platform. 

FreedomPay solves technology obstacles for payments:


Card and Online Payments for Hotels, Resorts, Apartments and more.

Food & Beverage

Integrated with the world’s leading Point of Sales Systems.

Travel and Tourism

FreedomPay powers 5/10 of the worlds leading airports.

Recreation & Gambling

Delivering millions of payment transactions to the worlds leading Casinos and Recreation centres.

ORACLE Partner

In October 2015 Mastel becomes Oracle Gold Partner in order to offer additional consultancy services and products to its customers.

Our services and expertise are at your disposal in the Hospitality Market.

Hotel Representation Services

Hotel Representation Services by Mastel saw the light in 2012, with the purpose of representing Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts and Constance Hotels & Resorts in Spain. Through HRS by Mastel new market and representation opportunities are open for Hotel Groups and independent establishments which have no representation in Spain and wish to strengthen their presence within the output tourism market.

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