The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform is the next generation of integration with Opera Cloud. Mastel Hospitality focuses on bringing your vision to reality with OHIP Integrations.

Extend Opera Clouds Functionality

Develop your own functions for Opera Cloud. With the OHIP Integration layer, you can bring your own ideas to life by developing custom functions for Opera Cloud and the Cloud Suite.

Integrate 3rd Party Software

OHIP Allows gives you the power to integrate 3rd party solutions with Opera Cloud efficiently and fast. Skip Oracle Hospitality development cycles and develop integrations fast and easy.

Secure, Rich, and Responsive

Get access to Opera Cloud data securely without opening to potential hack’s or security holes. Take advantage of Oracle Hospitalities leading Security functionality. 

Drive Innovation with the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform

OHIP allows us to deliver an excellent service experience for both Clients and Staff by developing and innovating solutions that integrate with Opera Cloud. This puts the power of development into your own hands.

OHIP Integration Overview

The Oracle Hospitality Integration platform gives us the tools and access to develop new functions and integrations for Opera Cloud. Functions such as:

  • Self-Service registration and purchasing
  • Billing & Corrections
  • Customer Facing developments
  • Integration with 3rd party solutions

Extended Credit Bill for Opera Cloud

Folio Corrections

Correct event or individual folios replicating
the reservation and line items
of incorrect checkouts.

Automated Process

A fully automated process utilising
the Oracle Hospitality Integration

Simplify Corrections

Extended Credit Bill reduces time and
effort by simplifying folio corrections
with a simple click.

Multiple Applications

Apply to incorrect folios, payment
methods, wrong amounts, incorrect
profiles and charges.

Extended Credit Bill has a convenient single monthly fee that includes hosting, support
and software licenses

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