Golf & Spa Online Reservations

Concept Online
In recent years, Concept Software Systems has worked on the development and improvement of management platforms for different markets, Golf, Spa and Leisure Activities. These developments have resulted in the creation of a web booking platform for Golf, Spa and Leisure Activities in SaaS (Software as a Service).

Concept Online installation is Plug & Play to minimize time, cost and effort. It only requires to install the Web Services remotely in a PC, and you will have access to links for Golf and/or Spa & Leisure Activities to connect on your website.

Its design allows customers to book golf rounds, spa treatments or sport activities at any time, from any browser via standard PC’s, portable PC’s or mobile devices.

In addition, the system can manage independent properties; golf courses, spas, wellness, sports clubs, groups of properties; hotel chains, groups of golf courses, resorts or spas associations, etc.

Golf Reservation Software

The system administration area allows you to check all information on reservations and invoices issued for your property. You can also control and manage access for your members so that they can benefit from the power of an online booking environment and enjoy the benefits they already have locally.

The system will be connected to the PayPal payment gateway, but can also connect to other payment gateways if requested by customers.

Concept Online is offered as a service that can be enabled or disabled by the customer at any time.

All these services are included in the new SaaS management platform Concept Online.

Click on image for Golf & Spa Reservations video demonstration.