Single Profile Overview Business Intelligence

Merge various customer databases in to one single profile

Single Profile Overview is as a solution in the Hotel Dashboard, you can now merge existing customer profiles throughout your Hotel Group databases, all in to one.

The Single Profile Overview allows users to have consolidated information about the customer’s billing by sales center, business area, hotel, market, or any other criteria that we want to include in our analysis.

The system is designed to upload information from the different databases, and through specific algorithms it analyzes each of the existing profiles through their emails, telephones, passports or identity documents. When there are duplications, the system unifies them according to the criteria set by the hotel or hotel chain, resulting in a single profile that merges the data of the duplicates.
Single Profile Overview

Additionally, this process allows warnings and reports to be automatically generated and be sent to the users who create duplicated profiles, to avoid future mistakes and be able to fix it by using the available tools in the PMS (Profile Match & Merge). If this process is carried out regularly, when the Single Profile Overview system updates the data, the duplication will not be shown again.

Single Profile Overview


Thanks to this system, we can count on a real high-quality database, with complete and superior information of the different management programs used in the hotel group. The possibility of carrying out marketing actions, campaigns or offers based on customers interests, is a reality thanks to the Single Profile Overview.

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Single Profile Business Intelligence

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