Success Stories

All our consulting projects provide high level teamwork experiences
Our philosophy has always been to work closely with our clients in order to improve their operational and technological management. It is therefore essential that Mastel team becomes part of the client’s team.
We followed their same patterns of behaviour, we fit their schedules and processes as part of its staff advise, and work to improve the processes of which we are part of.
The best way to understand what teamwork implies is knowing the different projects that Mastel has been involved in and the guidance provided to its customers in order to change the course of what should be improved.

We are pleased to make available a series of case studies that we have developed in collaboration with our customers. These case studies provide evidence of Mastel’s role on the identification of key areas for improvement, and of the professionalism and dedication of its team of hospitality business consultants in every project they participate in.

Success Stories

  • Successful management in the preparation and implementation of Project Management in the Resort.

    Alva Park
  • Over 10 years of teamwork to optimize customer service through highly skilled teams supported by Mastel

    Arabella Golf
  • Improving the Operational Procedures in the Resort has been one of the priorities of the resort´s management team.

    Bahía del Duque Resort
  • Marriott’s Vacation Club is supported by the Continuous Advisory Services of Mastel for operational optimization of their Leisure divisions, Golf and Spa.

    Marriott’s Vacation’s Club
  • Improving the use of their IT systems and creating work processes for the hotel group from the HeadQuarter

    Alma Hotels